“Finally, the explanation before an exercise is clearer and more convincing if you prepare it this way.”

In the current era of Playstations and iPads, not even half of the children achieve the standard of one hour of exercise per day. This is mainly due to the fact that children enjoy themselves extremely well while playing their (digital) games. So how can physical education teachers and youth trainers enthuse their?

Preparation is half the job!

An important aspect of a good lesson or training is the preparation. Before you start, it is essential that goals are set. This will have a positive effect for a teacher or trainer as well as for the children. Based on these goals, exercises can be worked out. It also offers the possibility to make use of existing exercises that are collected in a database. By fully designing a lesson you not only ensure peace of mind for yourself as a trainer, the children will also pick up the exercise material much faster. A drawing tool with which you can draw complete exercises is very helpful. First of all, you can ‘cheat’ at all times on your worked out lesson material. Secondly, it gives you the opportunity to exchange an entire training, multiple lessons and exercises with colleagues. Finally, the explanation prior to an exercise is clearer and more convincing when it has been prepared. Especially when it is fully drawn up!

De uitleg van een training voorbereiden
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As an instructor or trainer, aren’t you the only one who is open to change within your organisation? Has anyone even been appointed to take the practice and teaching material to a higher level? With Online Sports Academy you may have found the way to achieve this goal. Various sports associations, sports clubs and foundations in the Netherlands and abroad prepare training and lessons so that you can achieve this: children not only exercise more, but also better and more fun. 

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