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What is Online Sports Academy?

Online Sports Academy is an online management system that supports sports coaches and trainers in the development / training of athletes. The system is set up in such a way that it can be used for any sport.

In 2008 a start was made with the coaching of associations, clubs (large and small), football schools and individual trainers. In the meantime we have been able to develop various online sports platforms for large organizations, such as: Ajax Online Academy, KNVB Training Planner, Online Hockey Academy and various international sports associations. From that experience we can offer valuable tools in setting up a structured training plan for all sports. 

Because of the National Sports Agreement, a number of sports companies have already started working with us. They are building a complete database of all kinds of practice forms for various sports. This exercise material is displayed via detailed descriptions, videos and animations. The end user also has the possibility to use a unique drawing tool and the training sessions can be judged by the administrator. In this way the system offers a qualitative education platform for trainers. At the same time, athletes (performing as well as recreational) are always assured of qualitative and versatile training. An additional advantage is that the content in the platform can be sold via a simple subscription structure.

Sport software for multisports

Online Sports Academy is suitable for more than 10 sports.

Multi sports

Physical education

Hockey field


Handbal veld


Basketball veld

Multi sports




Content development

Development of exercises material via animations, videos;


Possibility to create a Yearplan per age category within all sports;

Video database

Possibility to upload videos of exercises;

Player tracking system

Possibility to use a Player tracking system (which can also be set up per project/employee);

Animation drawing tool

Unique animation drawing tool (compiling drawings related to organizational forms);

Administrator functions

Possibility to create multiple administrators;

Education tool

Possibility to give feedback on projects/exercises.;

Sales of subscriptions

Possibility to sell your own content in subsciptions.


Data integration
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In most systems you don’t have the possibility to create your own vision, Season plans, structure and/or learning goals, with Online Sports Academy you do!

We have developed the system in such a way that each user can create his own training philosophy and yearly plan in a simple way, completely branded in the style of the user.

You can also create your own training topics, completely according your philosophy!


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As a sponsor, do you want to identify yourself as a talent developer? We offer the possibility to sell the platform in various subscription forms to clubs, schools and associations. This creates a payback model for the buyer and/or content writer.

Specific content is valuable, this content is kept separate in the system from the content developed by the users. In this way there is no contamination of exercise material.


Suited for

Online Sports Academy is an online management system that has been developed to support associations, clubs and individual coaches as much as possible in the development/training of youth players. The different possibilities within the program make it possible to use it for different purposes.

Clients can use the platform in different ways. For example, some of our clients sell the content in subscriptions to others. However, there are also Federations that use it for National training courses (UEFA Pro/A/B/C)

For sports clubs and/or companies that want to market their content, Online Sports Academy offers the solution! The platform offers the possibility to categorize age-related content into various topics, entirely according to the vision of the club. The user also has the possibility to create an annual plan and create their own content, partly due to the unique drawing tool.

Also for this target group there are different purchase motives. It may be that a trainer has little experience in giving training but wants to provide his/her team with quality training. SoccerPLAY’s exercise material makes this possible. It is also possible that a trainer wants to do more than just give trainingsessions, but also wants to see the development of the players.

Unique drawing tool

In the system it is possible to create training sessions and exercises using a custom-made drawing tool. This drawing tool offers a variety of different fields and icons. All this custom made content remains available under your personal account. The administrator of the account has the possibility to view and review the content you have created. In this way an education system is created, i.e. the training of coaches in the right club structure and philosophy.


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