Online Sports Academy is proud to announce that it has found a new partner in SportsLink. SportsLink is an online sports community (application) where athletes are connected with each other and with various experts in the field of sports to share knowledge and to get the most out of their passion for sports.

Online Sports Academy was founded in 2009 and is part of W&H Sports, an organisation from Nieuw-Vennep that designs (sports) accommodations. Co-founder Sander de Goede about the future cooperation with SportsLink: The platforms are an extension of each other. SportsLink is a community where athletes, through high-quality and reliable content from experts, gather information about all facets of sports, regardless of their level. On the back-end, Online Sports Academy is a platform where coaches and athletes not only find unique content and training methods, but can also manage their progress through a personal profile.

‘Many similarities’
Benito Maij, co-founder of SportsLink, in turn: ‘Online Sports Academy and SportsLink have many similarities and complement each other well. Both platforms are just on the market, already have many users and both revolve around knowledge sharing in the field of sports. In addition, the development of athletes, coaches and supervisors is central. At this moment users on both platforms do not know of the existence of the other. Through content creation we want to support each other. In addition, with their network of sports associations and federations they can make a substantial contribution to the growth of the number of SportsLink users.

Ready to enter your next level?
SportsLink is the app where athletes come together with experts in the field of sports to share experiences and knowledge. The app also connects different target groups in sports and enables them to achieve the ultimate in their sport or get the most out of their passion for sport.

Are you curious about the SportsLink app and do you, as an athlete, want to share your experiences with fellow athletes? Download it from the App Store or Google Play Store or go to: www.sportslink.nl.