Creating a good training for the youth is of great importance for both professional and amateur clubs. 

For professional clubs it?s essential to have a good youth academy to prepare their players for the first team. Better youth players result in a better first team and that eventually leads to more income through transfers.

For amateur clubs a good youth academy leads to teams which can compete at a higher level in national competitions. It also attracts youth players from nearby clubs and eventually creates a better first team for the amateur club.

A clear vision and a solid training structure ensures more quality. Online Sports Academy can contribute to this vision and structure. Every club has it’s own vision on training youth players. By carefully incorporating these into the platform of Online Sports Academy, it is clear to all trainers which way they should train and play. Because youth players are trained according to a clear philosophy, the gap with the first team is much smaller and youth players can make that transition to the first team much easier.

Online Sports Academy makes it possible for ambitious trainers to carry out the philosophy of the club and at the same time it can offer a lot of support to recreational trainers.

Online Sports Academy makes managing a team easier. You can:

  • develop specific trainings with the built-in drawing module
  • make use of the video database
  • track the development of individual players
  • keep track of practical matters (such as absence, statistics and notes)
  • easily keep in touch with all involved through the Whatsapp-function

Online Sports Academy does not only contribute to a clear way of training. It also contains applications that can track the development of individual players. Player characteristics are composed based on performances in trainings and matches. This way players gain insight into their strengths and areas where they can improve. This allows for better management of possible improvements based on performances.

When managing teams, communication plays an important role. Communication between trainers and players but also other stakeholders such as parents. With the Whatsapp notification, you can easily bring all those involved up to date.

In short, Online Sports Academy supports every trainer/coach to develop and analyse their players and teams following their own philosophy. Many amateur clubs are already successfully taking advantage of Online Sports Academy!