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Get to know the online sports platform called: Online Sports Academy (OSA). A lack of inspiration or time happens to every trainer from time to time! Therefore, a free pdf with 19 soccer drills can be obtained on this page. These exercises are a small selection of a large bundle of soccer drills. Users of our cloud-based online sports platform can access over 800 exercises for only ?1,- a month. This means that you, as a soccer fan, can access a large database of age specific exercises within just a few clicks. Not just any exercises, because the content that is available in OSA has been developed during our former cooperation with AFC Ajax and AEGON. This makes it easier than ever to structure training sessions and even entire youth programs. In the free pdf you can find exercises with static animations. In our system, the didactic and methodical content is also provided with animations and video content. Of course there is the possibility to edit content or adjust it to the level of your team.

The world’s most comprehensive soccer practice planner!

The world of soccer is constantly evolving. Both tactically and technically improvements are made every day. Keeping up with all developments is almost impossible. Especially when the right tools are missing. As a trainer of one or more teams, it is virtually impossible to keep track of all the statistics, progress, absences, etc. of your players. Because being a trainer involves more than just keeping statistics. Thinking about the workload of the players, planning training sessions and cooperating with other staff members are essential for your performance as a trainer. OSA offers a wide range of functionalities that allow soccer coaches to develop their own training methods as well as use existing soccer drills. There are also numerous possibilities to keep relevant statistics. In short; OSA is the tool for trainers who are very serious about being a trainer!?

Using, creating, modifying and applying soccer drills!

For only ?4,- per month you can use the most complete trainer platform in the world including 800+ age specific soccer forms!

Which practice routines can be found in the OSA training material?

For only ?1,- per month you can use more than 800 exercises for soccer practice. The soccer drills will not only deepen but also broaden the practices that you have been using so far. The age of the pupils is taken into account. Therefore it is possible to filter the exercises by age. The diversity and quantity of exercises makes it possible to train a large number of different aspects of soccer. Think of soccer drills focused on defense, offense, possession, position play, finishing, passing and crosses. A lot of attention is also paid to the mental aspect of soccer.

The youth has the future!

The development of soccer players varies widely. While some have a steep growth curve, others make more gradual steps. As a trainer, there are therefore continuous challenges to offer all pupils the practice forms, attention and stimuli they need to grow as a player. In the OSA system, all the tools are available to professionalize as a trainer. By monitoring performance at both the individual and team level, training can easily be adapted to the needs of you as a trainer, but above all the players! OSA’s training formats and tools have proven their strength in one of the world’s best youth programs. Does your youth academy or team also need a new impulse? Both the soccer content and the tools in OSA are suitable for under 6 to under 19 teams.

I always say that practice gets you to the top!?

David Beckham

The trainer of the future.

It is not only the youth who have the future. The role of trainers is becoming increasingly important. At the time of writing, Julian Nagelsmann is heading to Bayer Munich. The only 33-year-old Nagelsmann is creating a furor with his unique vision. It is clear that the trainer of the future is more than a people manager who puts down some pawns without a thought. On the contrary, when finding a new club, a trainer must distinguish himself through a unique vision of the game. OSA makes it easy to elaborate training forms according to one’s own vision by means of a drawing tool. One tool that can be essential for a trainer now and in the future. The database you build can be used as a soccer CV which few trainers have. In addition, your self-built database full of soccer drills can be sold on OSA, so you not only make a name for yourself as a trainer, but also earn money with it.

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You can test our platform for free for 4 days, so you can get familiar with the signing tool, whatsapp notification system and player tracking system. Not interested in the number one platform for soccer coaches? Via the form below you can easily download our 19 free soccer exercises!

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